Eric Peacock — Media Design, Motion Graphics & Video Editing

Explainer Examples

Examples of explainer content for a variety of industries.

I particularly enjoy the challenge of coming up with clear and simple visualizations for complex or difficult subject matter.


All of these were boarded by the client's internal creative team. Except where noted, I animated all motion graphics, provided additional design, co-edited footage, and provided post-production color grade and audio mix.

Note: I was a co-animator on this project — perhaps you can spot what's mine and what isn't!

Sleep Foundation

My role with Sleep Foundation is mostly as a core content editor, but I also create motion graphics or lo-fi visual effects (see "Sleep Demons"). These are produced from pre-planned scripted shoots, though often outtakes and improvisations find their way into the edit. The extra challenges sometimes manifest when coming up with visualizations for the sleep-related topics!

I also source music, stock video, and create sound design. These are still collaborative; The Sleep Foundation team provides additional enhancements or content changes in final production.

Healthcare Industry


More of a "what we did" than a customer-targeted explainer, this is a good example of my overall design and stream-of-consciousness animation style — especially when faced with themes that are not easily visualized.

This fast-turn project was created entirely from a pre-recorded scripted voiceover — no detailed brief, boarding, or design exploration — just on-the-fly art direction and content design. I achieved this by focusing on a prolific illustrator from a client-provided stock vendor — and customized those sources to suite the project needs.

Simple character animation was done as-much-as possible in the timeframe, despite the reality that it wasn't really in the initial scope! To hit the deadline the first deliverable was approved as is, without refinement — and that's what you see below.

UMASS Memorial Health

Created as an internal HR resource, this video details a new organizational code-of-conduct for patients and visitors. The client requested still photos be used, although applicable subject matter at quality was severely limited even from the provided mainstream stock vendor. I came up with the use of silhouettes matted from potentially unusable stock photography to better present the subject matter in a less staged or unsophisticated manner. This also was a method for creating contexts that were simply un-source-able from stock resources; For example: a usable photo of a patient throwing a bedpan is nonexistent but could be created from a custom composite thanks to the silhouette approach.

Financial Industry Products & Services

Note: this video is intended for retail display and therefore has no sound.

Amazon Stores Tech

For the Lightning Talks series of videos for Amazon Stores Tech I edited, motion designed, applied design clean-up or re-design of provided content — and did all color and sound post-production.

These are simple remotely-recorded software and hardware engineering presentations, with an audience of internal Amazonians as-well-as external recruitment.

Because these videos are long and numerous I've created a simple highlight reel featuring some of the low-frills motion graphics segments I've created for some of the software engineers' slides.